The Winter Blues


We got hit with a little winter blast yesterday. Nothing too bad. It was bad enough to close school – again. What a joy. I love my kids, but when they’re home and cooped up, they drive me crazy. Especially when the two younger ones, who are 12 and 11, want to start fussing at each other over the tv or whatever it is they want to argue about. My older son, at 14, is most usually laid back and doesn’t usually get involved in the shenanigans. He gets dragged into all the fun when my daughter or son decides to take something of his, like his video game controller, and hide it from him. They love doing that, even if it means big brother might go “hulk”on them. It hasn’t been too noisy, other than the downstairs neighbor complaining with banging on her ceiling. It’s just a little weird around here sometimes.

Does anyone else have stories to share when school is canceled because of the weather. Let me know in the comments.


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