Two Hearts Beat As One

Two Hearts Beat As One (Photo credit: just.Luc)

The day I met you
was the best day
of my entire life
bar none
I saw you at the juke
you were playing cards
with your friends
nursing a beer
sitting by your hand
you didn’t notice me –
at first
but I noticed you
after I came
through the door
and my heart
hit the floor
leaving me breathless
and dismayed
I’ve always heard of
love at first sight
but never believed
it could happen
until that moment
and nothing was ever
the same again
you’re my confidant
my lover
my best friend
I will love you
through the end
of all time
even after I’m gone
from this world



I decided to write a poem commemorating my first meeting with my sweetie and father of our three kids. I don’t regret a single minute since that day fifteen years ago. I hope to have another fifteen years and so on. Just taking it day by day.

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