Teenage Hood: A Creepy Menace?




My expectations involve actually waking up every morning. I hate to think what would happen if I didn’t. The horror of my family to find me splayed out on the toilet, having breathed my last breath, right after taking my last dump. Ain’t pretty. That’s the way I foresee myself leaving this world. But, seriously, I expect the world to still be limping along in its own little crazy, warped way. As always though,  things could take a nasty turn. I could wake up and find the world a very scary place ala Walking Dead. Now, I know I can not outrun a walker. Maybe, I’d get lucky and be somewhere that I could find a moped or a pair of roller skates. My chances of surviving a run-in with a slimy, ravenous zombie are next to nil. But, I’d give it my best shot.


teenagers (Photo credit: Pierre Metivier)


You never know, I could make it through the zombie apocalypse. But, can I make it through Teenage Hood? It’s a little scary, right? The odds are not in my favor. I have a teenager already at fourteen years old with his sister trailing close behind. She’s turning the big 1-3 this October. My youngest, at eleven, won’t hit Teenage Hood until September 2015. Will I survive? I expect to weather this turn in life okay, maybe with a few scars, but still holding on to what’s left of my sanity. Will I face rough seas and sudden twisters of scorn and rage, and pure indifference, brought on by a seemingly innocent request or wrong choice of words? My expectations are very high on that happening. I hear that usually happens with, at least, one of your kids. The thought, sometimes, makes me want to hide out in a cave until it’s over.

Redheaded child mesmerized.

Redheaded child mesmerized. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I already miss the sweet years. You know, when they come running to you with hugs and kisses and a “I love you, mommy.” And their big puppy-dog eyes shining at you with their pure innocence making you lose all reason. It melts your heart and you can’t stay mad at them at that age. But,I know I have to let go of those times. It’s just so hard. Waah!


15/365 Mom don't make my picture with my stuff

15/365 Mom don’t make my picture with my stuff (Photo credit: MaryLouiseEklund)

Sometimes, my mind plays tricks on me when I get up in the morning and expect that same treatment. No go. That ain’t happening. Now, they look at me like I’m crazy; if they even look at me at all.  I’m sure I’ll learn to expect and like the people they are now. There’s no question that I love them unconditionally. I do and I always will. I just hope reality and my expectations will coincide. Just as I’m confident that I will come out the other side of Teenage Hood the day each one of them go off to college and become an adult.This I do expect.

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