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Reason to believe? What is my reason to believe? Hmm. Maybe it’s my stubborn optimism facing each and every day. Even when I run into terrible and hard things, I still believe the world will be just a little bit better tomorrow. I can feel disheartened sometimes by the awful things that people do in this world. But, down deep, I have an endless supply of “the sun will come out tomorrow.” And you seen what happened to her. She ended up with a rich daddy and soon-to-be mommy and servants. Jeesh louise! Talk about never giving up.

House of a wealthy Gypsy-family in Huedin, Romania

House of a wealthy Gypsy-family in Huedin, Romania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll know I won’t get that lucky. Besides, I’m too old for a rich daddy and I don’t think my boyfriend would like me hanging out with another guy, even if he was loaded. Nah. That’s over the rainbow. My unending confidence, I think, stems from my kids. I refuse to believe that the world, as we know it, will not improve. Despite all the awful tragedies taking place, or in spite of them, I know there can be good here. At least, in my little corner of it. I think of all the beauty and good deeds that people do every day without wanting anything in return. All the acts of charity and reaching out to touch another soul in some small way. I get so emotional at times like that.

Chihuly Sculpture

Chihuly Sculpture (Photo credit: geoftheref)

My kids instill faith in me because I feel they will have it better than I did. And I’m not talking about making more money. I believe they will have options and many doors to choose from. They get to decide which door to go through. Heck, they could even go back and choose a different one. If they want to move to Los Angeles and become corporate big wigs or they decide to dedicate their life to disadvantaged people by serving in the Peace Corps, I’ll be fine with any decision they make. I’m their mom, their cheerleader, and I always have their back.


Choices (Photo credit: Pensiero)

My reason to believe lies within myself and branches out through my children. What can I say? I’m invested in the betterment of the world.

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