Two to Tango

English: Love Heart with bandage for repair

English: Love Heart with bandage for repair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is only one phrase
that I know sets my heart
to singing; it’s such a simple
phrase, but it means so much.
I love you, the one thing that
could mend everything if people
would let it; the only thing that
matters to me in my world. Give
it a whirl in yours with someone today.


English: Ballroom Tango Dancers

English: Ballroom Tango Dancers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



when I’m feeling down
and there’s no one to save me
you take the time to hold me
and whisper, I love you. Nothing
calms the fears and uplifts the
spirits like those three words do
It’s like a salve to a burn on my heart
magically the pain just seems to go
away; no more worries, no more
sadness; happiness is here to stay




Note: I just couldn’t help myself. I had to go and write not one poem, but two poems. I felt inspired. Anyway, I hope you like. Let me hear from you down in the comments.


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Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I know it’s not really a big deal, but it is to me. I made a commitment to myself to post every day on this blog and I feel I’ve let myself down. But, I have a good reason; I’ve been fighting a cold coupled with a very bad cough. I hope to feel better soon. I did manage to pull off a post in between coughing fits. It’ll be out later tonight. I hope you enjoy. Oh, by the way, everyone have a great night.


Peace out.