Alone it stay <3>

Alone it stay <3> (Photo credit: Giampaolo Macorig)

I could get struck by lightning


out of the clear blue sky


a boulder could come tumbling


down a mountain ravine


knocking me down


never to be seen


in this life; a careening


semi could come screeching


over top me leaving nothing


but pieces of me scattered


over the interstate; thoughts


of a bloody end leaves me shivering


to the very core; all these events


are worst case scenarios, but


the worse for me would be


losing the love of my family


and friends; how worse


could it be than being alone


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Bowled Over by Liebster


I am so bowled over. I just found out yesterday that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. I’m flabbergasted. I’ve never been nominated for anything in my life. It’s such a thrill to have someone else acknowledge my writing. My confidence is definitely boosted. I owe all this gratitude to the one who nominated me: Pigspittle at Go check it out.


From what I understand, here’s how it goes for the Liebster Award:

(the following section from Pigspittle)

The Liebster is (typically) awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their blog and unite a community of bloggers. The rules of the competition are as follows:

  • The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them. (check — see above)
  • Provide 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you
  • Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions!



Facts about Me:

I love the band One Direction.

My favorite animals are wolves, dolphins, and horses.

I’m a secret science-fiction/fantasy geek. I still love Star Trek. My fave is The Next Generation series. I had a crush on Captain Picard.

Cameras are my best friends. Love taking pictures.

I have a thing for trees. I admire them for all their natural qualities and they’re pretty awesome.

I am a Hillbilly Buckeye. I was born in Ohio and grew up in West Virginia. But, now I live in New York state. What does that make me now? A Hillbilly Buckeye Empire stater. Sounds kooky.

I love Jet Li and Jean Claude VanDamme movies.

My favorite tv show is The Walking Dead. I have a crush on Daryl Dixon/Norm Reedus.

I still love stuffed animals. I have a puppy and Sponge Bob on my desk right now.

I always rock some jams when I write poetry.

Moons, stars, and rainbows are my favorite symbols and designs.



My answers to my nominator‘s questions:

If you could live in any historical period, what would it be and why?

 I think I would go with the 60s. I’d always imagine my life as a hippie. Flower Power. Peace


Where is your favorite place to write/blog?

Oftentimes I blog/write on my computer at home, but other times I get the urge to grab a notebook and go for a walk.


Who has influenced your life the most and how?

 I would have to say my immediate family: my boyfriend and three kids.


What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

Well, I do have to get up and wake up the kids for school. But, the main reason is writing my blog and other projects.


How do you get past writer’s block?

I, usually, go do something else like the dishes or watch a short program. It seems to shake up the juices and frees the snag keeping the words in.


What do you want to be doing in five years?

I still expect to be writing my blogs. I also want to be writing books,poetry, plays, and some freelance writing. On top of that, I’m going to do photography. Maybe even do a gallery showing.


How much time do you spend writing/blogging each day?

My guesstimate is 4 to 5 hours a day. I’d like to do more.


For what are you most grateful?

I’m grateful for my ability to think, sense, and imagine.


If you could give someone you love a gift, what would it be?

If I had the money, I would give my boyfriend new dental implants.


Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

 Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Well, obviously, she could kick ass and she always had a witty comeback for any situation. I just love , underneath all that, she is still just a girl trying to figure it out. Like we all have in this world.  


What song makes you want to dance?

I Want to Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me by Whitney Houston.



My nominees:

Writing & Stuff

Witty or Not, Here I Come

The Shape of Y    

My 500 Words A Day    

Michael LaFleur


Note: I plan on updating with the remainder of my nominations.



Questions to Nominees:

What was the best moment of your life?

How did you become a writer/blogger?

Who’s on your music player when you write?

If you could make one wish come true, what would it be?

What one place in the world would you choose to live?

If someone showed up on your doorstep and offered you a suitcase full of money to never write/blog for the rest of your life, what would you do?

If you could only have one creative outlet, what would it be?

If you could go anywhere in time, where would you go?

What song transports you back to childhood?

Where does your blogging dreams take you in ten years?

If your life were a tv show, what would it be?

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Sunny Side Up



Reason to believe? What is my reason to believe? Hmm. Maybe it’s my stubborn optimism facing each and every day. Even when I run into terrible and hard things, I still believe the world will be just a little bit better tomorrow. I can feel disheartened sometimes by the awful things that people do in this world. But, down deep, I have an endless supply of “the sun will come out tomorrow.” And you seen what happened to her. She ended up with a rich daddy and soon-to-be mommy and servants. Jeesh louise! Talk about never giving up.

House of a wealthy Gypsy-family in Huedin, Romania

House of a wealthy Gypsy-family in Huedin, Romania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll know I won’t get that lucky. Besides, I’m too old for a rich daddy and I don’t think my boyfriend would like me hanging out with another guy, even if he was loaded. Nah. That’s over the rainbow. My unending confidence, I think, stems from my kids. I refuse to believe that the world, as we know it, will not improve. Despite all the awful tragedies taking place, or in spite of them, I know there can be good here. At least, in my little corner of it. I think of all the beauty and good deeds that people do every day without wanting anything in return. All the acts of charity and reaching out to touch another soul in some small way. I get so emotional at times like that.

Chihuly Sculpture

Chihuly Sculpture (Photo credit: geoftheref)

My kids instill faith in me because I feel they will have it better than I did. And I’m not talking about making more money. I believe they will have options and many doors to choose from. They get to decide which door to go through. Heck, they could even go back and choose a different one. If they want to move to Los Angeles and become corporate big wigs or they decide to dedicate their life to disadvantaged people by serving in the Peace Corps, I’ll be fine with any decision they make. I’m their mom, their cheerleader, and I always have their back.


Choices (Photo credit: Pensiero)

My reason to believe lies within myself and branches out through my children. What can I say? I’m invested in the betterment of the world.

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Why Spicy Makes Me Cry



Why do I got Johnny Cash on my brain? It must be the reference ‘ring of fire.’ That song is playing in my mind like Spotify on repeat. Why won’t it stop? Please make it stop. Bwaah! What else do I think about when anyone says ‘ring of fire?’ The feeling my throat gets when something majorly spicy hits my gullet. I feel like pulling a Fred as evidenced in above video.

Johnny Cash

Cover of Johnny Cash


I hate spicy food. Say it with me, I HATE SPICY FOOD! Sorry about the caps and the big old exclamation point. I just had to get my point across. I have a weak constitution. I know what you’re thinkin’: “You’re such a f***ing wimp!” See there, I can’t even spell out the ‘F’ word, even though it slips out of my mouth when I’m pissed off. Kind of pathetic, aren’t I? It just goes to show you that human beings are complex creatures, especially me.

I always make my fiancée order mild chicken wings when we order take out. I am not adventurous when it comes to what I put in my mouth. I’m rather picky where that’s concerned. I mean, I don’t want to be having the runs all night if I eat spicy food, not to mention, I would have to  drink amazing amounts of water to cool my taste buds. I don’t think I’d ever survive. See what I mean? Wimp.

Picture of hot chicken (buffalo) wings from Du...

Picture of hot chicken (buffalo) wings from Duff’s in Buffalo, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Writing: The Healthy Addiction?


I used to have this awesome digital SLR camera that I just loved. I really went to town with that thing. I went all over town trying to compose some cool shots. But, that’s in the past, Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice my Nikon for my kids. The year 2012 was a little slim, financially and we needed a little extra moolah to cover the cost of Christmas presents. There went my buddy. I had to sell it on Ebay. But, it was worth it to see their happy faces on Christmas morning. Isn’t that way you do for your kids? No hesitation.

English: A Nikon D3000 with AF-S DX Nikkor 18-...

English: A Nikon D3000 with AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR at a Future Shop in Langley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here it is now: 2014 and I still miss having a camera. I’ve been borrowing my daughter’s camera to feed my photo fix. I hope to save up some money to get me another SLR and this time I’m not selling it for anything. Sorry kids!

Computer Desk

Computer Desk (Photo credit: nic_pepsi)

So, I don’t really have a prized possession, per se. I do count my kids and my fiance as my favorite people in my life. But, I don’t see them as possessions. That’s just creepy. I am rather attached to my computer. So much so, my honey nicknamed me “computer whiz,” which I am not. If this sucker ever broke down. Well, let’s just say, I’d be awfully sad. And that reason would be I couldn’t blog regularly and keep up with my studies on writing.

When I ponder on what thing I hold above all else, I would choose my ability to write creatively. I’ve noticed improvement in my writing ever since I’ve been blogging every day. I’m lovin’ it and I just can’t seem to stop. I write whenever I can; in the mornings, afternoons, between household chores. For pity sake, I’ve even written in my notebooks while using the bathroom. I think I’m a little obsessed. If this is an addiction, I don’t want to be cured. Keep your twelve

"Writing", 22 November 2008

“Writing”, 22 November 2008 (Photo credit: ed_needs_a_bicycle)

step mumbo-jumbo away from me. I’m not buying. Just leave this forty-something lady in peace and let me write.

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Release the Fire


Anger Controlls Him

It takes a long time for me to express my anger at anyone. I’m a slow burn; I put up with a lot of crap before I do anything about it. I guess, my natural inclination is to keep the peace. Once I blast off, I tend to get over it. Somebody has got to really piss me off for me to still be grumpy about the situation. So, I decided to write a free verse about it. It’s just a piece I quickly wrote. Be kind with your words if it doesn’t please you.




anger simmering beneath the surface
does no good for your soul
holding it in only makes you madder
don’t make the situation worse for you
release the fire within and be no sadder
your heart will feel much better
once you let go of the fodder
turning your soul to poison
take a deep breath and let the love in
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Teenage Hood: A Creepy Menace?




My expectations involve actually waking up every morning. I hate to think what would happen if I didn’t. The horror of my family to find me splayed out on the toilet, having breathed my last breath, right after taking my last dump. Ain’t pretty. That’s the way I foresee myself leaving this world. But, seriously, I expect the world to still be limping along in its own little crazy, warped way. As always though,  things could take a nasty turn. I could wake up and find the world a very scary place ala Walking Dead. Now, I know I can not outrun a walker. Maybe, I’d get lucky and be somewhere that I could find a moped or a pair of roller skates. My chances of surviving a run-in with a slimy, ravenous zombie are next to nil. But, I’d give it my best shot.


teenagers (Photo credit: Pierre Metivier)


You never know, I could make it through the zombie apocalypse. But, can I make it through Teenage Hood? It’s a little scary, right? The odds are not in my favor. I have a teenager already at fourteen years old with his sister trailing close behind. She’s turning the big 1-3 this October. My youngest, at eleven, won’t hit Teenage Hood until September 2015. Will I survive? I expect to weather this turn in life okay, maybe with a few scars, but still holding on to what’s left of my sanity. Will I face rough seas and sudden twisters of scorn and rage, and pure indifference, brought on by a seemingly innocent request or wrong choice of words? My expectations are very high on that happening. I hear that usually happens with, at least, one of your kids. The thought, sometimes, makes me want to hide out in a cave until it’s over.

Redheaded child mesmerized.

Redheaded child mesmerized. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I already miss the sweet years. You know, when they come running to you with hugs and kisses and a “I love you, mommy.” And their big puppy-dog eyes shining at you with their pure innocence making you lose all reason. It melts your heart and you can’t stay mad at them at that age. But,I know I have to let go of those times. It’s just so hard. Waah!


15/365 Mom don't make my picture with my stuff

15/365 Mom don’t make my picture with my stuff (Photo credit: MaryLouiseEklund)

Sometimes, my mind plays tricks on me when I get up in the morning and expect that same treatment. No go. That ain’t happening. Now, they look at me like I’m crazy; if they even look at me at all.  I’m sure I’ll learn to expect and like the people they are now. There’s no question that I love them unconditionally. I do and I always will. I just hope reality and my expectations will coincide. Just as I’m confident that I will come out the other side of Teenage Hood the day each one of them go off to college and become an adult.This I do expect.

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