Ready, Set, …Tape!

Cover of "Physical"

Cover of Physical

I miss my portable cassette tape player/recorder. I used to get blank audio cassettes and tape my favorite songs off the radio. I couldn’t afford full-fledged cassettes; the blank ones were way cheaper. Once in a while, I could buy regular tapes ( that’s what I called cassettes then) which was a treat. Olivia Newton-John’s Physical was my absolute favorite. I played that tape over and over again.

English: A RadioShack brand cassette recorder,...

English: A RadioShack brand cassette recorder, with built-in microphone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although there were downsides to tapes back in the 80’s as there is to everything. Here’s my attempt at free verse about it. I hope you like.

Cassettes of varying tape quality and playing time

Cassettes of varying tape quality and playing time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

pop in the cassette
press record and play
at the same time
watch the reels spin
round and round
as they capture
your song like
magic for you
to enjoy until the
tape snarls in the
mechanism inside
and you have to
untangle it from
around the pole
then smooth out
the wrinkles and roll
it back up into its
case and with luck
it will still play
for you again
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My First Celebrity Crush

Ironically, my teen idol was Duran Duran. Funny, huh? When I saw today’s prompt, I nearly busted out laughing at the irony. Well, maybe, it’s not that ironic. I remember a whole lot of people loved them, too. Selfishly, I wanted to pretend they were mine to listen to and watch in their videos.
Duran Duran in 1981. Clockwise from top left: ...

Duran Duran in 1981. Clockwise from top left: Nick Rhodes (keyboards), Simon Le Bon (vocals), John Taylor (bass), Andy Taylor (guitar) and Roger Taylor (drums) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The early to mid-80s was a special time in my life because of this band. I bonded with an awesome girl during this time due to the music of Duran Duran. You could say she became my BFF/confidant/sister. We were pretty much close; her mother even treated like me like another daughter. How cool is that!
John Taylor

Cover of John Taylor

Simon Le Bon

Cover of Simon Le Bon

Every Friday, we would stay up late watching Friday Night Videos, hoping to catch a video from our favorite band. We couldn’t afford cable, so no MTV for us. Miraculously, we always got to watch one.
The Essential Collection (Duran Duran)

The Essential Collection (Duran Duran) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We both had such a crush on them, we would pretend one of the group was our boyfriends. I had a soft spot for the bass player: John Taylor. Boy, was he hot. She preferred the lead singer, Simon LeBon, naturally. Such an easy choice. Don’t most girls go for the lead singer? But, I digress.


What a magical time to grow up in the 1980s. Looking back, I’d say I was lucky to enjoy all my teen moments with Duran Duran as my personal soundtrack.




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