Ghost (Photo credit: photophilde)


I just noticed the couple in my living room
after I perused my reflection in the mirror
hanging in the foyer. It was a particularly fearsome day
as I had worked a twelve hour shift and this was my first
moment to myself. I noted they were sitting side by side
and eating slices of cake off of small plates; tentatively
forking small bites into their mouth always trying to catch
a morsel of chocolate frosting to enhance the taste of the
moist marbled cake beneath. “Who are you and how did
you get in my house?” My words must have startled them
for they looked up at me with a look of surprise and quickly
put their plates down and rose from the sofa clasping hands
in a lovingly worrisome gesture. In a moment, they seemed to flicker
like a movie image whereas before they were hauntingly real with a
crystal clarity beyond life-like. Before I could say another word both
man and woman just disappeared with no word and no sign that they
had ever been there, even the plates filled with partially eaten cake
were nowhere to be seen. I stared at the spot where they had once been
and wondered if I was imagining all this or I was really asleep dreaming.
I pinched the inside of my arm in hopes that it would wake me from this
strange dream, but no such luck, as the pain radiated out from the spot on
my arm and I realized what I had witnessed. A visitation from a genuine apparition;
a ghost or I should say ghosts right here in my living room. I didn’t know who they were
or what they wanted or if they were really of the friendly variety. All I knew right then
was sleep was a long ways away and it was going to be a long night coming.
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If Only

In search of some sunshine...

In search of some sunshine… (Photo credit: smkybear)

when I was younger
I thought I knew what it
took to make me happy
but as time flies by the sureness
of my intentions seem to waver
like a leaf floating on the breeze
of a gorgeous spring day; if only
I had listened to my first instinct
and tried for many ideas of my
imaginative nature; maybe they
would have flowered into something
solid and sure; a foundation to build
upon to make my life a more enjoyable
existence instead of working even
harder as I get older to persevere
in my dreams to leave a piece
of me to endure for future generations
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Within The Ordinary

Blogging Montage

Blogging Montage (Photo credit: Blogging Librarian)


My days lack any real excitement

it’s just one ordinary thing after another

wash the dishes, clean the floors

and don’t forget to swab the toilet

Gross! I hate that with a vengeance

for very obvious reasons; the litany

of my days could stretch for miles

and miles into infinity if it wasn’t for

my blog and writing itself. I practice

the art of creating word pictures in

between times of menial tasks; it

breaks up the monotony of regular

life and day to day living in an

ordinary home of a woman with

big dreams and a warm heart

working to make my purest fantasies

a reality in the midst of the ordinary.

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Two to Tango

English: Love Heart with bandage for repair

English: Love Heart with bandage for repair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is only one phrase
that I know sets my heart
to singing; it’s such a simple
phrase, but it means so much.
I love you, the one thing that
could mend everything if people
would let it; the only thing that
matters to me in my world. Give
it a whirl in yours with someone today.


English: Ballroom Tango Dancers

English: Ballroom Tango Dancers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



when I’m feeling down
and there’s no one to save me
you take the time to hold me
and whisper, I love you. Nothing
calms the fears and uplifts the
spirits like those three words do
It’s like a salve to a burn on my heart
magically the pain just seems to go
away; no more worries, no more
sadness; happiness is here to stay




Note: I just couldn’t help myself. I had to go and write not one poem, but two poems. I felt inspired. Anyway, I hope you like. Let me hear from you down in the comments.


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Ready, Set, …Tape!

Cover of "Physical"

Cover of Physical

I miss my portable cassette tape player/recorder. I used to get blank audio cassettes and tape my favorite songs off the radio. I couldn’t afford full-fledged cassettes; the blank ones were way cheaper. Once in a while, I could buy regular tapes ( that’s what I called cassettes then) which was a treat. Olivia Newton-John’s Physical was my absolute favorite. I played that tape over and over again.

English: A RadioShack brand cassette recorder,...

English: A RadioShack brand cassette recorder, with built-in microphone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although there were downsides to tapes back in the 80’s as there is to everything. Here’s my attempt at free verse about it. I hope you like.

Cassettes of varying tape quality and playing time

Cassettes of varying tape quality and playing time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

pop in the cassette
press record and play
at the same time
watch the reels spin
round and round
as they capture
your song like
magic for you
to enjoy until the
tape snarls in the
mechanism inside
and you have to
untangle it from
around the pole
then smooth out
the wrinkles and roll
it back up into its
case and with luck
it will still play
for you again
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Alone it stay <3>

Alone it stay <3> (Photo credit: Giampaolo Macorig)

I could get struck by lightning


out of the clear blue sky


a boulder could come tumbling


down a mountain ravine


knocking me down


never to be seen


in this life; a careening


semi could come screeching


over top me leaving nothing


but pieces of me scattered


over the interstate; thoughts


of a bloody end leaves me shivering


to the very core; all these events


are worst case scenarios, but


the worse for me would be


losing the love of my family


and friends; how worse


could it be than being alone


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Sunny Side Up



Reason to believe? What is my reason to believe? Hmm. Maybe it’s my stubborn optimism facing each and every day. Even when I run into terrible and hard things, I still believe the world will be just a little bit better tomorrow. I can feel disheartened sometimes by the awful things that people do in this world. But, down deep, I have an endless supply of “the sun will come out tomorrow.” And you seen what happened to her. She ended up with a rich daddy and soon-to-be mommy and servants. Jeesh louise! Talk about never giving up.

House of a wealthy Gypsy-family in Huedin, Romania

House of a wealthy Gypsy-family in Huedin, Romania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll know I won’t get that lucky. Besides, I’m too old for a rich daddy and I don’t think my boyfriend would like me hanging out with another guy, even if he was loaded. Nah. That’s over the rainbow. My unending confidence, I think, stems from my kids. I refuse to believe that the world, as we know it, will not improve. Despite all the awful tragedies taking place, or in spite of them, I know there can be good here. At least, in my little corner of it. I think of all the beauty and good deeds that people do every day without wanting anything in return. All the acts of charity and reaching out to touch another soul in some small way. I get so emotional at times like that.

Chihuly Sculpture

Chihuly Sculpture (Photo credit: geoftheref)

My kids instill faith in me because I feel they will have it better than I did. And I’m not talking about making more money. I believe they will have options and many doors to choose from. They get to decide which door to go through. Heck, they could even go back and choose a different one. If they want to move to Los Angeles and become corporate big wigs or they decide to dedicate their life to disadvantaged people by serving in the Peace Corps, I’ll be fine with any decision they make. I’m their mom, their cheerleader, and I always have their back.


Choices (Photo credit: Pensiero)

My reason to believe lies within myself and branches out through my children. What can I say? I’m invested in the betterment of the world.

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Why Spicy Makes Me Cry



Why do I got Johnny Cash on my brain? It must be the reference ‘ring of fire.’ That song is playing in my mind like Spotify on repeat. Why won’t it stop? Please make it stop. Bwaah! What else do I think about when anyone says ‘ring of fire?’ The feeling my throat gets when something majorly spicy hits my gullet. I feel like pulling a Fred as evidenced in above video.

Johnny Cash

Cover of Johnny Cash


I hate spicy food. Say it with me, I HATE SPICY FOOD! Sorry about the caps and the big old exclamation point. I just had to get my point across. I have a weak constitution. I know what you’re thinkin’: “You’re such a f***ing wimp!” See there, I can’t even spell out the ‘F’ word, even though it slips out of my mouth when I’m pissed off. Kind of pathetic, aren’t I? It just goes to show you that human beings are complex creatures, especially me.

I always make my fiancée order mild chicken wings when we order take out. I am not adventurous when it comes to what I put in my mouth. I’m rather picky where that’s concerned. I mean, I don’t want to be having the runs all night if I eat spicy food, not to mention, I would have to  drink amazing amounts of water to cool my taste buds. I don’t think I’d ever survive. See what I mean? Wimp.

Picture of hot chicken (buffalo) wings from Du...

Picture of hot chicken (buffalo) wings from Duff’s in Buffalo, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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