If Only

In search of some sunshine...

In search of some sunshine… (Photo credit: smkybear)

when I was younger
I thought I knew what it
took to make me happy
but as time flies by the sureness
of my intentions seem to waver
like a leaf floating on the breeze
of a gorgeous spring day; if only
I had listened to my first instinct
and tried for many ideas of my
imaginative nature; maybe they
would have flowered into something
solid and sure; a foundation to build
upon to make my life a more enjoyable
existence instead of working even
harder as I get older to persevere
in my dreams to leave a piece
of me to endure for future generations
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Digging In

If I could learn any trade in the world, I would want to try my hand at landscaping. I think it would contrast nicely with my future endeavors in writing. After a day of staring at a computer screen, going outside and playing in the dirt would be a welcome relief to my tired eyes. Breathing in nature and molding it into something creative for me and my family to enjoy would be a way to ease my spirit and relieve some stress.
English: Dublin - Merrion Square landscaping

English: Dublin – Merrion Square landscaping (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was in junior high and high school, I had the responsibility of mowing the yard along with much despised household chores. I grew to love the routine of making lines back and forth until the entire yard was trimmed. I figured out I’d rather do the yard than anything in the house.
English: Landscaping, Mullion Cove Landscaping...

English: Landscaping, Mullion Cove Landscaping in progress in a former quarry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Dublin - Merrion Square landscaping

English: Dublin – Merrion Square landscaping (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would get a kick out of learning to plant trees and differentiate between them. So, I can know which kind will thrive where I live. Designing the layout would be the fun part. Asking myself, where should I put these bushes or should this flower bed be in the middle of the yard or around the edges as if framing it? So many decisions. I wish I was in the position to start a home project of that nature.
In my future, I plan on learning enough to make a decent outdoor wonderland to get lost in. Landscaping is the most wonderful option to make my little piece of the world beautiful.




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